Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Thank you for your patience. And now, the reward.
My favorite. My sister, a mommy.
His grandmother (my mom) knit that for him. For next winter. 
 I know it must be hard for Daddy Kip to hear all the time how much Brayden looks like Julie. But this man is a certified Super-Dad. Julie's responsibility: nursing. Kip: everything else. As in, when in the middle of the photo shoot when Brayden was covered head-to-toe in spit-up and poop, Kip woke up from his nap to come give him a bath. This man loves his little boy.
Resting on love. Each of Brayden's Meirs-side made a square for this quilt of love. From top left, moving clockwise- (Aunt) Kati, (Aunt) Jess, (Grandmother/Mutzy) Robin, (Cousin) Chloe, (Aunt) Kelly, (Grandfather/Pop) David. 
Cousin-love. Addy loved that baby. Even when I was holding him. And Chloe? Well, she's a seasoned pro from loving on Addy.


Addy is full-on toddler. Her baby face is thinning, her personality is growing. She'll be 18 months next week. We've started speech therapy; right now we are learning ways to help encourage her to try and make sounds. We're pretty sure she has "dog" (Cinnamon came home with us, so I think that is a big part of it), which sounds a lot like "done," but we're happy to have her say "duh" and we'll assume she's not asking for the dog when she's sitting in her high chair signing "all done." Her signing is quite impressive, and really makes communication a breeze - as long as there is someone in the room who knows sign language. We're working on "alternative communication devices" like flashcards with pictures of what she could be asking for, so that she can communicate in a more universal way. Work is on the horizon for me (more on that later), so we're feeling the pressure to give her the tools she needs to communicate in the real world, out from under my wing. 

I have also started selling Scentsy. Scentsy is a brand of flameless candle warmers and scented wax that allows you to safely infuse your house with your favorite scent, without the risks a candle can pose. We have a full-sized warmer downstairs and a plug-in warmer in Addy's bedroom to help keep the diaper smell at bay. Chloe's plug-in warmer is on the way - she didn't want to be left out of the fun! It's a really unique, fun Christmas gift. So please head on over to my Scentsy page to check it out (click here).

Have a happy week. I'll try and be more vigilant with the camera, and blog posts! Happy fall!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

In the blogging world, lots of blogs do a "wordless Wednesday" post - and post a picture or series of pictures.

Bigger post coming soon. For now:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


September has always been a frustrating month for me. You spend all that time doing your back-to-school shopping, getting new corduroys and sweaters and long-sleeved shirts, only to be wearing shorts because it's at least 85 every day. One of the great things about New England is that September means fall is knocking on the door of summer. Yes, I still sent Chloe off to school in shorts more days than not in the past 2 weeks, but the night are getting chilly. I've pulled out my sweatpants and slippers, and am getting close to pulling out our winter bins of clothes.

September means apple picking. My youngest sister was born on September 17th, after a long day picking apples (what was my mom thinking?!?), and every year we would head back out to the same apple orchard on her birthday to pick apples. Last friday, September 9th, my oldest sister Julie gave birth to her son, Rudolph Brayden. Brayden is the first boy - I have only sisters and daughters. So, on Saturday, because we couldn't go snuggle that new baby boy, we did what we've always done to celebrate a September birthday - we went to the orchard.

Mid-September is the perfect collision of summer and fall. We started with the raspberry bushes, then moved to the apple trees with red-stained finger tips.

Not quite in focus. But I couldn't resist sharing the sentiment.

Have a good week!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I know, I know, I've been neglecting the blog lately. We've been getting into the swing of things, with middle school, playgroups, and family time. The days are passing quickly, and by the time everyone is tucked into bed, I'm tucking myself in, too! Chloe is loving middle school, and all that it entails - lockers, changing classrooms, study hall, and a long walk home with some great new friends.

Last Friday, we went and spent the day up in York, Maine. We went to the zoo, Nubble Light (believed to be the most photographed lighthouse in the world), and a cliff walk. The weather was perfect, and the views were breath-taking. And lobster rolls for lunch? We'll be back.
Quacking at the ducks.
Deer at the petting zoo. Pretty cool.
Addy reminding us to stop and smell the flowers.
Learning to roll down hills

The next day was Ava's first birthday party.
If there's a hill in sight, my girls are rolling down it.
 We met up with Lily, who is a four year old who has SP like Addy. She was in town for a week to see the doctors in Boston. It was great to meet her and her family, and get to chat with her parents. They got some answers while they were in Boston, and while they were mostly positive, it was not everything they had hoped to hear. Talking with them as they worked through their feelings after the tests and appointments transported me back to our first appointment at Boston over a year ago. It also reminded me to try and just take everything one day at a time, because you can spend the whole day worrying about what will be, and worrying doesn't change anything. There is a fine line between advocating for your child and endlessly searching for an answer that no one can give, and as parents of children with a rare condition, we walk that line every day.

Sunday was a home day, so we spent some time playing outside and washing the cars.

On Labor Day, we went to the Children's Museum with Livvie, Ava, and their families. I really struggle with taking pictures in the museum. The lighting is just low enough that it's almost impossible to take a shot that isn't blurry without a flash, and I just don't like using a flash, except in more of a studio setting (I have a great wireless flash that I use for maternity and newborn pictures when I need it). Even without the pictures to prove it, we all had a great time.
After the museum, Kasandra, Andrew, and Ava came over to BBQ. We had a great time, as always.

It's been raining since Monday night. Pete is away, traveling for work. We've been trying to keep busy inside, but going through the rough transition from 2 naps to 1 nap. Dealing with a fussy, cranky, tired 17 month old reminds me of the exhaustion of a newborn. Speaking of newborn exhaustion, we're officially on "baby-watch"; my sister is due with her first child on Friday. We're excited and I'm looking forward to taking some newborn pictures of my new niece or nephew!