Saturday, April 7, 2012

The New Plan

I was sorely disappointed in my last post. Mostly because whenever something funny/cute/trying happens, I usually end up thinking about how I will describe in on the blog. However, when I'm faced with the daunting task of doing an update about the last three weeks, I end up painting it with a pretty broad brush. And part of the reason I blog is to share the little moments with family and friends - so when I post like the last one, I feel like I am cheating them, and me.

I get so much joy from photography. A wise man once advised me (I'm paraphrasing here) - don't put anything of lesser quality out there, KelBel. As a photographer, you will take hundreds of thousands of photos, but there may only be 3 good ones worth sharing. Only share those three. Often, less is more. So, true confessions, if I don't have good pictures of an event when I'm doing a long blog post, I end up glossing over it or skipping it entirely. And without the pictures to illustrate, the idea of all that writing late at night (when I finally end up doing the posts) is just too daunting.

So I'll be writing more often, and it will likely be more words and less pictures, however I hope the pendulum will swing the other way once the summer hits and I'm not working as much.

Livvy came over to dye eggs on Sunday. We don't get to see Livvy as much as we used to, with both Sarah and I being busy working moms now, so it is extra special every time we get together.
The kitchen is my least favorite spot to take pictures. The light is low and it's a really tight, cramped space. But, it's the only place we have to do crafts, so we manage. And daydream about big, open, bright kitchens.

I also had a newborn shoot this weekend. Two of my favorites:
I love newborn shoots. There is definitely a learning curve, and I'm still at the beginning of it, but I'm loving experimenting and finding my style.


I thought for sure I'd have a big birthday post. On Thursday, Addy turned two. Unfortunately, Addy caught a stomach bug and spent most of Thursday throwing up.

We did get some smiles that day, mostly when she was FaceTiming with the family - Addy LOVES it.
And, she did rally at the end of the day for a cupcake.

She's on the mend, and although it's still a bit chilly, it's sunny, and we are headed outside.

Enjoy the weekend!