Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Swing of Things

I skipped blogging in November and most of December.

Originally, blogging was something I did to help me get it all out, and process how I was feeling with the uncertainty of Addy's medical condition. Writing is cathartic for me, and even after the angiogram in October, I was mentally composing a post on the drive home. But as the medical drama lessened, I found the blog to be a perfect way to share pictures of the kids with family and friends, and reflect on different mom-issues. I had the best intentions of keeping up with blogging, but as the pregnancy wore on, blogging worked its way down the totem pole - firmly behind spending time with Pete and the kids, and nudged out by sleep. I'm hoping to have a better balance in 2013; I still love blogging and sharing pictures with everyone, so I'm going to bump it back up the priorities ladder. Maybe even get back to posting once a week. No promises though ;)

So, starting fresh. The biggest announcement is that Peter Allen Meyers joined our family on December 5th at 8:29pm, weighing 6 pounds 13 ounces. It was a long (not very hard, just very long) start-and-stop labor, but we had the support of two wonderful midwives (we had him at a local birth center), and just 3 hours after Peter was born, we were headed home. The recovery has been easy, and the girls have handled having a new baby in the house wonderfully. Addy loves him to bits (although wishes I would let her squeeze him and carry him around), and we've tried hard not to curtail any of the girls' normal activities. It's been easy since Pete was home and then my mom was here; I'm on my own next week so it may be more of a challenge... especially since we are forecasted for a snow storm and a Nor'easter.

Without further ado, some pictures (sorry, didn't put the portrait shots into a collage... priorities)

I will try and blog again before (and after) Christmas... but not promises until 2013 and I have to stick to my resolution!