Friday, March 1, 2013


We took our inaugural family-of-5 trip to NJ last weekend. It was, as these trips always are, way too short. Pete and I cut the trip even shorter by leaving a day early to avoid traveling in the snow (which ended up being all rain), but the girls stayed a full week.

My baby meets my bestie. He was thrilled, I promise.

We celebrated in impending arrival of the newest nephew:
 (this is her "say cheese" face)
 (this is her "punch laced with soda laced with sherbet" face)
 I'm still working on doing better at being a photographer when we have get togethers. I get caught up in the soaking-it-all-in, and forget that I should be snapping away. I am wary of being 'that girl' - the one in everyone's business, clicking away - my inner introvert shining through. That, and I am still so smitten with my son, I'm either cuddling him, or watching someone else cuddle him with stars in my eyes. (Maybe they're stars, or maybe they're just glassy from lack of sleep... who knows.) Luckily, my photography sessions are going well - I'll get back into my lifestyle grove by 2014 :)