Sunday, January 27, 2013

Life's Out-Takes

The photography biz is slowly picking up. And because it's hard to do outside on-location shoots in the winter in New England, and many of the indoor places available don't have the light I need, I decided to set up a home "studio" in our living room. I got the kids to let me use them as models as I play with my lights and settings, and looking at the pictures after the shoot reminded me that some of the best parts of life are the out-takes. The kids may not be looking at the camera, or smiling, but it captures them so much better than a posed studio shot. So while I'm grateful for a large living room and a family who doesn't mind the clutter of my photography gear, I'm really looking forward to spring, summer, and fall, when I'll be back outside with my camera. (And, yes, I know I can go outside in the winter. But the high temps have been in the teens here lately, and I'm just not doing it.)

And, just because I love the out-takes doesn't mean I don't love the everyone-looking-at-the-camera-and-smiling-I-have-the-perfect-family-kids-shot any less ;)

And speaking of perfect... this happened too:

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My 'lying-in' time...

Ha! So much for more frequent blog posts.... happy January ;)

Christmas was great. Although we were a bit sad that we weren't able to do Christmas Eve breakfast and caroling with our friends this year, we did enjoy just having a few days of quiet family time.

The girls made a gingerbread train together:
 candy sneaker. caught.

The day after Christmas, the girls went down to NJ to spend Christmas break with my family. They had tons of fun (as expected), but after a few days I was ready for them to come home. I did manage to do a few newborn pictures of Peter while they were away though

Julie, Kip and Brayden came up to visit, and play in the snow with us.

I'm slowly returning to the land of the living. Peter is 5 weeks old today, so technically I have one more week to pull myself together. I'm getting there.